The augmented reality project allows you to enter into one of the symbolic places of Rome, the Circus Maximus, and to relive its ancient splendor.


The experience of augmented and virtual reality

Circo Maximo Experience” is the project thanks to which you can revive and visit the beauties of the Circus Maximus along different eras.

The initiative will allow the spectator to experience the journey within the largest building for the spectacle of antiquity.

Path is divided into 8 stages, the spectator will travel trough: the Valley and the origins of the Circus, the Circus from Giulio Cesare to Traiano, the Circus in the imperial age, the Cavea, the Arch of Titus, the Botteghe (tabernae), the Circus in the medieval and modern age and will end the journey with “Un giorno al Circo”.

The whole journey of Circo Maximo Experience, lasting about 40 minutes, is narrated by the voices of Italian actors Claudio Santamaria and Ilaia Forte, but it is also available in English, French, German, Spanish and Russian.


Circo Massimo

Circo Massimo is the ancient Roman circus built and dedicated to horse racing in ancient Rome.
It is located between the Palatine Hill and the Aventine Hill and is remembered as the site of the games since the birth of the Eternal city.

HOURS: From Tuesday to Sunday 11.00am-3.00pm (May);  5.00pm-9.00pm (June, July, August)
COST: € 12 full price – € 10 reduced

Circo Maximo Experience is an unmissable event, just a stone’s throw from our 47 Boutique Hotel!

For more information visit the official website or ask our staff at [email protected] or directly at the reception!