The Ikono immersive experience has arrived in the Capital. More than 12 settings and interactive installations for adults and children in the heart of Rome.

The event

Ikono interactive museum has landed in the Eternal City in one of Rome’s historic locations in Via del Seminario: an immersive experience for all ages. The exhibition invites visitors to unleash their creativity through fully interactive installations. The itinerary, lasting about 1 hour, includes over 12 original settings, able to arouse that typical emotion of travel, to discover different cultures and historical periods, all in one place.

Among the locations reproduced, there are the Roman Baths, a large pool of bubbles where you can dive; Room of the Endless Lanterns, an exciting journey between lights and shadows. Also noteworthy is The Woman in the Leaves, an immersive work in the Renaissance style by Heather Bellino which is based on a play of mirrors and lights capable of generating the illusion of continuous movement.

Then, there is the unmissable Light Painting, which refers to Picasso’s light painting experiments. Through light brushes, visitors can give shape to drawings and sentences in the air and then receive their creation on the phone. Finally, with Yokocho, it is possible to fly to Tokyo, in one of its typical streets to experience the sensations and energy of the city.


Where: Via del Seminario 111 – Rome

Price: full €18,00; reduced €12,50


Enjoy a new experience with Ikono, the interactive museum in the heart of Rome and stay at 47 Boutique Hotel!

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