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Following the success of the past years, the project created by Piero Angela and Paco Lanciano is back. Until November 3, it will be possible to visit the Imperial Fora of Caesar and Augustus in an original way: there will be two multimedia shows narrated by the voice of Piero Angela. Evocative images and reconstructions showing how the two historical places were in ancient Rome.

Forum of Caesar

The itinerant path inside the forum begins with the story told by Piero Angelo about the excavations for the construction of Via dei Fori Imperiali between 1924 and 1932. It starts from the Temple of Venus, commissioned by Julius Caesar in honor of his victory against Pompey. Here it is possible to relive the Rome of the time. Between the columns of the forum the taberna appear: they are shops and offices of the time. In the past there was also a huge public toilet of which you can admire some curious ruins. Moreover, Caesar wanted the construction of the Curia, the seat of the Roman senate, next to the forum: it is a building that still exists today, but that it is possible to see as it was then through a virtual reconstruction.

In addition to describe how the Forum was, the story by Piero Angela outlines the figure of Caesar, an ambitious man, beloved, but also feared by many.


Forum of Augustus

At the Forum of Augustus, the spectators sit on the gallery set up in Via Alessandrina.

The story starts from the marbles inside the Forum.

The voice of Piero Angela, together with videos and images, describes the figure of Augustus with whom Rome inaugurated a fundamental era: the imperial age, during which the empire had a great not only territorial, but also cultural, artistic and legal expansion.

Even today in all the territories of the empire there are traces of that era, such as amphitheaters, libraries, temples, roads and thermal baths.


Where: Via dei Fori Imperiali, Rome

When: April 17th – November 3rd

Price: single forum full 15€, reduced 10€; both fora – full 25€, reduced 17€


Do not miss the chance to visit the Imperial Fora, seeing how they were in ancient Rome and stay in our 47 Boutique Hotel.

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