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The 47 Boutique Hotel is a 4-star superior hotel located in a strategic and scenic position in the heart of Rome.
Elegant and functional, the Fortyseven Hotel recognises the value of beauty and understands that true luxury is the discreet consumption that cannot be found in objects, but rather in the experiences it offers their guests every day in the center of Rome.
This 4-star Hotel in Rome offers all the best comforts and services necessary to make your stay in center Rome a pleasant experience, from the Circus Restaurant, where you can sample sophisticated dishes inspired by Italian and Mediterranean cuisine with an astonishing view, to the wellness and fitness centre to enjoy a few moments of pure relaxation.

You can’t miss our new Parole in Libertà, a Bistrot created with the desire to make you rediscover the flavours and the cuisine of the past based on the balance of the the authentic taste and of raw materials while a view of the Temple of Vesta and the Mouth of Truth enable you to immerse yourself in the suggestive atmosphere of Ancient Rome from a unique perspective.

Fortyseven Hotel is the hidden planner of thousands of stories, all of which different and unique… lived in the magnificent setting scenery of the ancient Rome.
If you decide to stay with us, the story will be yours


Dynamism, curiosity and essentiality are the key words in the way of being and of get in touch with our guest. Dynamism leads to novelty and development: we are always looking to enrich the experience of those who decide to spend time with us.

We try to make you live what we are and what we represent…

Live a memorable stay at the 47 Boutique Hotel, open up to the emotions you will live at our restaurant terrace or in our Bistrot where freedom of expression is at the base of everything.
Let us create your experience…


Thanks to the dynamism, the curiosity and to the essentiality, combined with our hospitality vocation and for the acceptance of the, we work hard every day, quality service provided by our Ladies and Gentlemen, who work really hard every day in order to create unique experiences for our guests.having fun so that every day you can live the magic of the time.
Magic is never repetitive: it is unique and is in motion.
As is the flowing time.
The essential thing is to spend time in full magic and how we wish to live it.
Make them yours: time and magic. We will help you in this.
Time is not lost here. It is acquired.
There is time for everything: for an abundant open-air breakfast in our magical courtyard, to enjoy tastes and aromas in our Bistrot in freedom, to admire a sunset while sipping an aperitif on our terrace on Rome, to stay in motion in our fitness room or taking our bikes and pedaling through the streets of the ancient city with the wind on the face.
There is time for relaxation while enjoying an aromatic Turkish bath or enjoying the unique view, in complete privacy, from your own terrace in a Highest room.
There is time to enjoy our welcome, sympathy and all the liveliness that is in us.
The choice is yours.