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After visiting the Maxi, temple of Contemporary Art, we suggest you to stop at Neve di Latte to try an excellent artisanal ice cream all natural, made with biodynamic milk from Alta Baviera, Mountain water, organic eggs, Mascobado sugar from Philippines and Demerara Brasile brown sugar.
Plus, exclusive ingredients DOP and DOC from all over the world.

Neve di Latte is in Via Luigi Paoletti 6



This place, with its open laboratory before the counter, looks like the temple of order, calm and cordiality. The flavors are around 60 and you can choose among fruit, creams and salted experiments such as the famous cacio e pepe, better than the restaurants! The turkish pistacchio, the Piedmontese nut and the almond pizzuta d’Avola are an explosion of taste; a dense paste with a strong taste. Try also the zabaione with marsala and liquorice.

The fruit is fresh, seasonal and well selected; don’t miss the melon, the raspberry or the peach. Some flavors change day by day according to the chef’s desire, so don’t be shy and ask the flavor of the day!
Otaleg is in Viale dei Colli portuensi 594



Some flavors remind of magical potions and of the mythical fragola e limone: Bella Helene pears, Baklava (Turkish dessert), Banana with crispy sesame and panacea (ginseng, mint and almond milk). We suggest the flavor Pollicina (a mix of rose, violet and nuts) and the creamy Basil, honey and nuts pesto. If you want to reach the top, choose Venere rosa (Venus rice and rose petals), a very mystic flavor.

The classics are good aswell: Pistacchio di Bronte, Nocciola, Zabaione and many others.

Fata Morgana is in Via Laurina 10, Via Lago di Lesina, 9,Via Giovanni Bettolo, 7 , Piazza degli Zingari, 5 ,Via Tiburtina, 567



Since 1900, Giolitti cultivates the taste of perfection. You can find harmonies of flavor and a great tradition in one of the oldest and most famous cafeteria of the Capital. Famous and appreciated in Italy and abroad.

The historical site has existed since 1900 and is located a few feet away from the Pantheon and adjacent to the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Republic.

Giolitti is in Via Uffici del Vicario, 40