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The romantic escape package encompasses breakfast served in your room, prosecco as a welcome gift, as well as a creation of a dessert by our patissier. In addition, you will also be given two free Roma pass valid for a visit to a museum and for the public transport for 48 hours. For further information and for making reservations, consult: ROMANTIC ESCAPE PACKAGE

The highest package offers free transportation both from and for the airport, the opportunity to organize a dinner served in your room by candlelight on your private balcony and choice between Suite or Deluxe. Check the offer right now!



A place of endless charm, where among thousands of arboreal scents, poets, painters, well-known past personalities will keep your company while leading you to Pincio terrace. From here, you can admire a breath-taking sight over Piazza del Popolo, architect Valadier’s masterpiece. Try to blend with the Romans in the park of Villa Borghese at the weekend, and discover the landscape and culture it offers. You can stroll along the park, ride a bicycle, embark on a romantic tour of its lake or visit the impressive Galleria Borghese, whose collection is absolutely noteworthy. You can also sit down and watch a movie at Casa del cinema or a play at the Globe Theatre, inspired by Shakespeare’s one.

How to reach: You can reach Villa Borghese from the Hotel by taking the bus, the taxi or the car (car park on Via del Galappatoio). Ask the receptionist.


The ancient Romans fortified this hill that was added to the famous seven hills, as it was the highest of all and in fact from here, the panorama of the Eternal City is almost a 360 degrees one. Walking from Trastevere, you will reach the hill where two large avenues, flanked by imposing plane trees, will lead you to Piazzale Garibaldi and, by its marble group, the hero of the two worlds seems to admire with you an evocative endless scenery. Set your watch on the cannon shot that, since 1904, the tradition dictates that three soldiers, at noon on the dot, must shot by the Janiculum. Pius IX first fired the cannon in 1846, to avoid confusion on the timetable.

And now, a jump in the classic “Romanity”, like all that is adjacent to this area and in Trastevere, that is a beer or a drink at the historic “Baretto” in Via Garibaldi, and why not, a little match at “table football” in the most complete informality, the Roman one.

How to reach: from 47 Boutique Hotel buses or taxis. Ask the receptionist.



Il Giardino degli Aranci is a small botanical enclave which, with a splendid terrace, overlooks the Aventine hill on the Tiber river. Just a few kilometers away from 47 Boutique Hotel , you can walk up to it in a few minutes.

It is worth taking the short hill to find yourself in front of a wonderful view, all day.

The Garden belongs to convent of San Domenico and many of you will recognize the place setting of some scenes of “The Great Beauty”. The magic does not end here: the surprise of one of the most evocative places of the City, La Porta in the nearby Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta, awaits you. Peering into the hole of its lock, you will see the Dome of St. Peter, inserted in a wise perspective that will provide you with one of the many emotions that only this city can give its visitors.

How to reach: from 47 Boutique Hotel buses and taxis. Ask the receptionist.


On the right side of the famous Trevi fountain, a rectangular tub was used to celebrate a ritual that in the past guaranteed the mutual fidelity of the couple who drank from it. When a boyfriend had to leave for military service, the evening before his departure his girlfriend filled a glass, which had been never used, with the water from the fountain, offered it to the young man and then broke the glass. According to tradition those who quenched their thirst with the water of Trevi could no longer forget Rome and therefore the beloved back in the city. This is the Lovers’ fountain; why not try if he has kept its powers?

Where: Trevi Fountain
How to reach: from 47 Boutique Hotel buses and taxis. Ask the receptionist.