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18 Jun

Cycling through Villa Pamphilj… Macchinetta explores by bike!

Wroooommmm!   Good morning magnificent adventurers! Are you warming up your engines to discover new places with me ?? Well, let me finish my breakfast in the amazing court of the 47 Boutique Hotel and then we can start… This place is enchanted and has its own charm: it reminds me of the courts of the […]

11 Jun

At full speed towards the origins of Rome… And much more!

Wroooommmmm…! Adventurers, are you ready? I slept very well in the room dedicated to Cassius Clay, I feel loaded  and ready for new adventures: do we step into the ring? Well, maybe not, let’s go to the court, have a full breakfast and recharge for our new adventure. Today we will move again to ancient […]

4 Jun

I want my own arch too!

Wrooommm Hello my roaring engines! I just made two spins around the biggest amphitheater in the world and I immediately found myself in front of one of the most admired triumphal arches in history! Extraordinary for its wealth of details and for its importance, this arch, not far from the Colosseum was commissioned by the […]

28 May

I can see the majesty of the Colosseum!

Wrooommmmm How are you, my valiant travelers? Are you curious about other magical places in this beautiful city? Let’s continue together our walk through the ancient history of Rome and let’s get to know together the most famous symbol? Okay, warm up your engines and we’re headed to the Flavian Amphitheatre, one of the 7 […]

21 May

“The Empire strikes back”: Macchinetta to the Roman Forum!

Wrooommmmm Here we are again my young adventurers! Today I decided to take you to know the oldest Rome, the one that belonged to one of the greatest empires in history. Moving away a little from my home we can visit the Roman Forum or, as it was formerly called, Lacus Curtius (Lake of Curzio). […]

14 May

Does “Mastro Macchinetta” suit me?

Wroooommmm! Hi adventurers, how are you? I’m super in fit: swollen tires, full charge and beautiful shiny headlights! Last night, to be honest I couldn’t fall asleep because I had the image of Giordano Bruno impressed, so as soon as I came back home, I told 47’s director about my adventure. To calm me down, he […]

7 May

Wandering around Campo de’ Fiori

Wrooooommmm! We have just left the romantic and discreet charm of Via Giulia and crossing Piazza Farnese we are in Vicolo del Gallo. I know that you adventurous motorists don’t know much about this alley, but while my tires trample porphyry cubes (commonly called sanpietrini) I feel strange energies through the pistons, I feel observed and […]

30 Apr

Three, two, one go… to Via Giulia!

Wrooooommm Hi adventurers! Did you find any Mazzamurello at home, but also did you steal his hat? Now at 47 Boutique Hotel they are all convinced that I hide a nice red hat under my hood !! But today I want to let you know a little more about me and my tastes, I want […]

23 Apr

My bodywork itches… who’s the spiteful?

Wroooommmm! I’m back !!! Are you ready? I am very excited and today I decided to show you a real Roman gem, indeed, I am almost sure it is something that not even the Romans know well. Last night, before throwing myself comfortably between the pillows of my bed, a girl at the reception called […]

16 Apr

Macchinetta arrives in the smallest island of the world!

Wroooommmm Good morning my travelling companions! Do you also feel this electric shock in the air? It will be spring, it will be that I feel an integral part of this wonderful city and I have just tasted the chef delights of this morning’s breakfast and I am already excited and ready to continue our […]