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5 Nov

Between shards and cobblestones … My bodywork is dancing!

Wroooommmm The 47 Boutique Hotel staff has expressly asked me to explore better the Testaccio area. What do you think about? Are we going to have a look in the Roman alleys? Among the things that deserve to be seen, there is certainly the former Slaughterhouse of Rome. The first slaughterhouse of the “modern Rome” […]

29 Oct


Wrooommmm Today I will take you near “home”, because I saw a really strange monument from the rooftop… the Arch of Janus! Don’t you think it is a peculiar arch? It is definitely an arch, but it has a different shape from those I am used to see (do you remember the Arch of Constantine?). […]

22 Oct

Like Indiana Jones, among the tombs!

Wrooommm My fearless adventurers, I am here to recover from our long ride under the bridges of Rome, enjoying a well-deserved drink with my friends from 47 boutique hotel’s marketing department. The girls are very fascinated by our adventures and seem to know a lot about this magnificent city. Now in front of this stunning […]

15 Oct

My last adventure… Under the bridges!

Wrroooommm My dear adventurers under the bridges, our long riding is about to end. We were able to see this wonderful city from below. The bridge in front of our highlights is Ponte Testaccio: it was started in 1938 and was initially called Ponte d’Africa because it was the extension of the neighboring Via Africa […]

8 Oct

Palatino, Aventino… Hills of Rome? No, still bridges!

Wroooomm Tell me the truth, are you enjoying this life under the bridge? Yes, I know, it’s easy to see the city in this way, especially when you know that the comfortable cushions of the 47 boutique hotel are waiting for you!!! Warm up the engines and keep on pedaling: even today a beautiful adventure […]

1 Oct

Last bridges before coming back home!

WROOOOMMMM Here we are again! I already talked about Garibaldi before and now… Our lights are right in front of… Ponte Garibaldi! The bridge is part of the Regola and Trastevere districts, it was originally made of iron and in 1953 it was completely restored to become the bridge we see today. It is 151 […]

24 Sep

Rome… Almost like Brooklyn! Wrrooomm!

Wrrooommm Are you ready to continue our adventure? We are now entering the districts we have seen “from above”: do you find that everything down here has another charm? Seeing a city like Rome from a different perspective makes you talk about it in a different way and observe it in a different light… So, […]

17 Sep

How much history under these bridges!

Wrroooommm Here we are again… Keeping on our walk under the bridges of the eternal city. Have you done your research on the characters I had introduced you last week? Can you tell me more about “Er ciriola” and Mr Ok “?  The guys of the 47 Boutique Hotel are taking us to Ponte Umberto […]

10 Sep

Bridge after bridge to the discovery of Rome!

Wrooommm You are ready? Our bike tour (link hotel) continues… Do you like Rome from here? I’m absolutely in love with it, my engine is revving up!!! Today my headlights are lighting up Ponte Matteotti. The bridge was built, designed by the architect Augusto Antonelli, to connect the Prati district to the Flaminio district and was […]

3 Sep

I’m ready to act as a “bridge” between you and the charm of Rome!

Wrrooommm What do you say? Our bike tour under the bridges continues! The guys at the 47 Boutique Hotel had a brilliant idea, they brought a breakfast box to let us never stop. Have you found Sgranocchio by the way?  Tell the truth, you couldn’t find it and you enjoyed taking pictures of the ducks, […]