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17 Sep

How much history under these bridges!

Wrroooommm Here we are again… Keeping on our walk under the bridges of the eternal city. Have you done your research on the characters I had introduced you last week? Can you tell me more about “Er ciriola” and Mr Ok “?  The guys of the 47 Boutique Hotel are taking us to Ponte Umberto […]

10 Sep

Bridge after bridge to the discovery of Rome!

Wrooommm You are ready? Our bike tour (link hotel) continues… Do you like Rome from here? I’m absolutely in love with it, my engine is revving up!!! Today my headlights are lighting up Ponte Matteotti. The bridge was built, designed by the architect Augusto Antonelli, to connect the Prati district to the Flaminio district and was […]

3 Sep

I’m ready to act as a “bridge” between you and the charm of Rome!

Wrrooommm What do you say? Our bike tour under the bridges continues! The guys at the 47 Boutique Hotel had a brilliant idea, they brought a breakfast box to let us never stop. Have you found Sgranocchio by the way?  Tell the truth, you couldn’t find it and you enjoyed taking pictures of the ducks, […]

27 Aug

I ended up under the bridges!

Wrooommmm Good day my adventurous friends, how are you? Today I’m going to make you pedal a little bit. Yes, pedaling, you got it right !!! Here at the 47 Boutique Hotel they organize magnificent bike tours and today I have decided to take advantage of this service to see Rome from another point of view: […]

20 Aug

Why Palazzaccio?

Wrooommmm Good morning adventurers… Have you rested well? Are you ready for a new and amazing adventure through the streets of the Eternal City? The other day I was walking back to the 47 Boutique Hotel, along the Tiber, and among the many wonders that appeared before my headlights, I was impressed by a truly […]

13 Aug

I wanted to go to the pool and I ended up here!

Wrooommmmm Today I woke up with full battery! Did you go to the Parole in Libertà Bistrot to taste the true prelabial tactile pleasure? Just thinking about it, I still have the engine revving up! Anyways, are you ready for a new adventure? After Piazza del Popolo and Piazza di Spagna  we are going to […]

6 Aug

On the march! First, second, Third Rome!

Wrooommmm… Welcome back roaring engines! Last night, at Parole in Libertà Bistrot, I tasted a great Zugroni … What? Don’t you know what it is?!?!? It is one of the polibibite suggested by Beatrice, our beautiful bartender. At least, do you know what a polibibita is? And a mixture?? My adventurous friends, if you don’t […]

30 Jul

I feel a bourgeois in Villa Borghese!

Wrooommmm Welcome back roaring adventurers! How are you? This morning, after drinking a very fresh juice in the court of the 47 Boutique Hotel, I talked at length with the girls of the bar and between one chat and another I revealed them the place I want to show you today. I will be honest, […]

23 Jul

Rumbling friends… Let’s take a ride in Piazza del Popolo!

Wrooommm Welcome back my dear adventurers … Did you like Vacanze Romane movie? Did you take the opportunity to see again some of the most suggestive places of Rome? Going back to part of the grooves traced by our tires last time, today I would like to take you to another very important square for […]

16 Jul

At full throttle for 135 steps! Where am I today?

Wroooommmm Have you set your watches? Are you ready for a new adventure? Today we are heading to one of the most famous places in Rome… Which one? Piazza di Spagna awaits us! About the time, want to play a game? Let’s go back to 1725! Before that year exactly instead of the famous Trinità dei […]