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19 Mar

I turn off the headlights… Babuino is scary!

Wroooommmm! Are you ready to continue our adventure? We still need to know two of the undisputed protagonists of the Congregation of Wits. Whizzing the beautiful Piazza di Spagna with all the energy I have left in the engine, I start looking for the Babuino. My dears fellow travelers, make sure you remember me that […]

12 Mar

A new secret to reveal… Are you ready to go?

Wrooomm …. Are we ready? Ok let’s go! I’ve decided to introduce you to a new character with a rather famous past and especially with an identity that isn’t entirely clear, at least for me. Did I intrigue you a little? I turn my key to load me a little more and let me explain. […]

5 Mar

An adventure that makes you lose your mind!

Wroooommm! The “nocchiate”  were delicious … have you ever tried them? I still have the turbine in turmoil!!! I’m so excited: let’s get to know the third statue of the Congregation of Wits! Here I am in what once was called Vicolo dell’Abate Luigi in honor of the homonymous talking statue. The alley has been […]

26 Feb

Thundering engine: the adventure with the Congregation of Wits continues

Wroooommmm … I still have the engine in turmoil, but our adventure must go on and we absolutely have to go and meet the other confreres of the Congregation of Wits , aren’t you as curious as me? I have decided! I’m shaking a bit with excitement… I’m heading towards Marforio, I think this is the […]

19 Feb

Congregation of Wits: my engine can’t keep quiet!

Wroooommmm … My journey should continue crossing the road … Ok, insert the blinker to turn left … to the left … wait a moment, why I put the arrow on the left, but flashes the right one? Do I have a short-circuit ??? I stop and for a while a pedestrian doesn’t drag me […]

12 Feb

Engine is rumbling and the headlights are on: ready for my adventure in the ghetto!

Wroom! I’m back here! I left you with the hood open facing the honesty of a Roman “stracciarolo” (I mean a street vendor, a peddler)! The more I drive around and the more I realize that these Romans have a big heart, a beating heart kind of like my engine today: ready to leave for […]

5 Feb

Macchinetta whizzes again: Rione Sant’Angelo

Wroooommmm! Here I am, ready for our new adventure. I’m so pumped up … uhm but better to check how much charge is left… On the ground floor, there are so many nice girls that will surely help me to give a strong turn of my key. Yes, because today I’m going to take a […]

29 Jan

My first adventure

Wroom… goodmorning everyone! I have just turned on my headlights. I would stay lying here, it’s really comfortable, but I promised you great adventures and that’s what will happen. I look out of my window, the headlights are on and … what do I see? It is right here in front of me, I have […]

22 Jan

Let me introduce myself: my name is Macchinetta!

Ciao!  Ciao is international, just like me… So here I am, in the flesh. (maybe is better in metal and rubber) Red as a Ferrari … the dream car, but also red as energy! I am me, unique, elusive, here but in a thousand different places. It’s up to you!!! Ah, I’ll warn you now: […]

14 Jan

The beauty of the unusual: the unknown places of Rome.

Beside the historical and famous attractions of the capital there is a hidden world to be discovered! Everyones knows Rome and the great architecture works that have made the Eternal City what it is today. The squares, the churches, the sculptures and the most famous paintings in the world can be admired in Rome, and this […]