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The permanent exhibition of the Roman Domus of Palazzo Valentini was enriched with new discoveries, thanks to the archaeological excavations of 2010, allowing the creation of a multimedia path to revive the remains of Domus that belonged to powerful Roman families of the imperial age.


The multimedia exhibition

The path crosses the remains of patrician Domus of the imperial age, with decorated walls, mosaics and artefacts from the era enriched with virtual reconstructions, films and graphic effects.

Visitor will have the opportunity to relive the Domus rooms, with kitchens, baths and furnishings that were found in the houses of the most powerful Roman families.

The exhibition includes also a big model of the area during the Roman times and the various phases of Palazzo Valentini over time.

Continuing the visit, in the undergrounds in the direction of the Trajan’s Column it is possible to admire the remains of a monumental public or sacred building: also here, a multimedia display allows you to view the area of ​​the Trajan’s Column at the time of construction.

Movies and animations will allow you to relive the adjacent area, with virtual reconstructions of the buildings that were there at the time.

Finally, virtual reality allows you to observe the bas-reliefs, which tell the story of the conquest of Dacia by the emperor Trajan.

Palazzo Valentini

Palazzo Valentini was built in 1585 by cardinal Michele Bonelli, nephew of Pope Pius V, who established his residence there.

Over the years it has undergone several renovations and expansions, wanted by the wealthy owners who followed one another over time.

The building owes its current name to its last owner, the Prussian banker and general Vincenzo Valentini, who bought the palace in 1827.

Since 1873, it has been the seat of the province of Rome and the prefecture.


Where: Via Foro Traiano 85, 00186 Rome

Price: full 12 €; reduced 8 €


Visit the multimedia exhibition of the Roman Domus in Palazzo Valentini to go back to imperial Rome and and stay at our 47 Boutique Hotel!

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