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Until September 8, ParcoMilvio takes you into nature, through bike rides and initiatives for adults and children, such as workshops, exhibitions and sport events.



ParcoMilvio is a totally sustainable area of 7,000 sq.m. between Ponte Milvio and Ponte Duca d’Aosta, where it is possible to practice sports, such as running, cycling and rowing.

The park has spots where you can relax, such as benches, terraces and exhibition areas, a botanical garden and a bike café to repair bicycles.

The park offers the possibility to take long walks surrounded by greenery, to discover the rich biodiversity of the area. There are also many refreshment points, as well as a playground and a greenroom dedicated to art, co-working and theatrical performances.



Until September 8, ParcoMilvio will host many events for adults and children.

Among the initiatives planned for this summer season, there are the free yoga lessons of the ASD Mosaco, which will be held every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm, while on Saturday and Sunday at 10 am.

For children there will be two laboratories (also free) in collaboration with Museo dei bambini di Roma Explora: “Budding botanists”, where children can get closer to the world of nature while having fun, learning to know and to respect it, they will also have the opportunity to make a small herbarium of ivy and lavender to take home; “I take it with me” where children can create a bracelet of seeds that they can plant wherever they want.

The program of the events of ParcoMilvio is constantly updated.


When: June 13th – September 8th

Where: Via Capoprati – Rome


Enjoy a day surrounded by nature and stay in our 47 Boutique Hotel.

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