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Bvlgari. The Story, the Dream

From June 26th to November 3rd Bvlgari exhibits its most iconic pieces in Castel Sant’Angelo and Palazzo Venezia. The exhibition, conceived by Polo Museale del Lazio, tells the centennial history of the company, with documents, vintage photos and unpublished videos.


The exhibition

Conceived by Polo Museale del Lazio in collaboration with Bvlgari, the project outlines the history of the Italian company, which transformed itself from a small organization into an excellence of the global fashion industry, thanks to a mix of originality, tradition and great ability in manufacturing.

As a proof there will be videos, unpublished documents and vintage photos, all useful to recall the story of the fashion house that intertwined with the social and economic events of the time.

Some pieces from the Heritage collection will be part of the exhibition, as well as jewelry and clothes from prestigious private collections.

The story starts from the foundation of the company in 1884 by Sotirio Bulgari, a Greek silversmith who arrived in Rome in search of fortune, going through the family events and business strategies that made Bvlgari one of the most important global luxury brands.

Many wealthy customers and personalities from the show business played a fundamental role in the success of the company, since they wore its creation, contributing to improve the reputation of the brand.

The jewels worn by the leading actresses of “Dolce Vita”, such as Elizabeth Taylor, Anna Magnani and Haudrey Hepburn, prove the international fame achieved by the company in the second post-war period. The exhibition aims to enhance those fundamental aspects that make the creations of Bvlgari unique and recognizable, a symbol of Made in Italy.

The exhibition includes the most iconic jewels of the brand, those that highlight the typical features of Bvlgari, such as the excellence of the manufacture, the rounded lines, the color and the sumptuous volumes.

Inside the two sites, there is a series of arched and stairway installations, where mannequins are placed wearing the most iconic clothes of the brand, protagonists of the told era.


When: June 26th – November 3rd

Where: Castel Sant’Angelo – Lungotevere Castello 50; Palazzo Venezia – Piazza di San Marco 49

Price: 15€


Discover the story of Bvlgari, visting the exhibition and stay in our 47 Boutique Hotel.

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