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Picasso e la Fotografia. Gli Anni della Maturità (1)

Picasso and photography. The years of maturity

From June 28th until August 26th the exhibition “Picasso and photography. The years of maturity “takes place at Palazzo Merulana. It is a photographic project that shows the most intimate aspects of the life of the artist, such as family, personality, studio, disguise and mask.


The exhibition

The over 90 photos of the exhibition are owned by the Luxembourg collector Guy Ludovissy and were taken by Edward Quinn and André Villers, friends, collaborators and confidants of the artist.

The two photographers captured Picasso from a new point of view: they are a series of portraits showing him as a man and not as an artist, exposing his own intimacy, with obsessions and manias.

Over the time, Picasso noticed that there was a strong connection among the daily events, the behavior and the outcome of his artistic works.

The exhibition is divided into six sections, each of which tells Picasso as a man through the shots of two great exceptional photographers.

Pablo Picasso

Picasso was born in 1881 in Malaga.

He is undoubtedly one of the protagonists of the 20th-century painting.

He was a versatile and innovative artist, leaving his mark on the history of art worldwide, founding Cubism together with Georges Braque.

His artistic career is divided into several phases: the blue period, during which Picasso mostly uses shades of blue in his paintings, portraying in particular the poor and the outcasts; the pink period, in which the artist gave a touch of pink to the palette, making the gradations of his paintings warmer, the subjects were circus characters and masks of the Commedia dell’Arte; the Cubist phase, a period of great experimentation, started by the work Les demoiselles de Avignon.
This last artistic phase lasted about ten years: after a trip to Italy in 1917, he began to approach the languages ​​of expressionism and surrealism.

In the years following the Second World War he dedicated himself to ceramics, while paintings were mostly reinterpretations of famous masterpiece from the past.

He died in Mougins, France, in 1973, following a heart attack.


Where: Palazzo Merulana – Via Merulana 121, Roma

When: June 28th – August 26th

Price: Full 10 €; reduced 8 €


Visit the photographic exhibition of the great artist Picasso and stay in our 47 Boutique Hotel.

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