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Until January 6th 2020 it will be possible to take a guided night tour inside the Flavian Amphitheater, recalling the exploits of the brave Roman gladiators.


Back to ancient Rome

From 8:00 PM to 10:30 PM the Colosseum opens its doors and shows itself in a night version.

The 2019 edition of “The moon over the Colosseum” is entitled “The gladiator’s dream”, a multimedia project in collaboration with Studio Azzurro. The visit will be carried out in small groups of maximum 25 people lasting about 75 minutes and during the guided tour visitors will be thrown into ancient Rome. The guides will be supported by video installations with stories told by some historical personalities, such as S. Agostino, Marziale and Cassio Dione.

The multimedia representations will be activated at the passage of the visitors, so as to make the already extraordinary scenography of the Roman amphitheater even more suggestive.

The route also includes a visit to the basement, where it is explained how men and animals were lifted up to reach the arena. Ferocious animals, exotic beasts and gladiators appear on the walls, while on the floor of the arena the figures of servants with torches in the hands materialize, just like in the past.

The gladiator’s dream

 Once in the arena, “The dream of the gladiator” begins.

The arena is the most important, but also most unsettling place where the gladiator can be; this is the reason why the special projection of this part of the route shows the feelings of the gladiators themselves. The night before the fight is the central theme, together with the thoughts of the fighters before taking their weapons and tempt fate. The aim is to show the human side of these heroes, but also remember the great deeds of some of the most famous Roman gladiators.


Dove: Colosseum, Piazza del Colosseo 1 – Rome

Quando: May 22nd 2019 – January 6th 2020

Prezzo: full 24 €; reduced 22 €


Immerse yourself in ancient Rome by taking part in the night tour of the Colosseum and stay in our 47 Boutique Hotel.

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