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At our 47 Circus Roof Garden and at our Parole in Libertà bistrot you will find dishes created just for you:
Pizza bianca made by the master baker Carmelo Rao, stuffed with seasonal grilled vegetables with basil, Focaccia with potatoes stuffed with seasonal grilled vegetables with basil, Seasonal vegetables pan with candied tomatoes and basil oil, Ancient Sicilian damigelli grains spaghetti with basil and tomato.

At our bistrot:Al contadino non far sapere…, Cacio and pears, Tuttoriso with vegetables and Gorgonzola and garden vegetables, dirt included.

Outside the Hotel: the can’t-miss Grezzo Raw Chocolate, first pastry, chocolaterie and gelateria raw vegan in the world with gluten free, dairy free and organic products.
Margutta vegetarian food and art, vegetarian restaurant in Via Margutta, 118. Vegetarian restaurant, creative and sophisticated dishes that hosts an Art Gallery and serves brunch and aperitifs.

Cucina Bio vegano, piazza di porta san paolo 6 a.
All the ingredients are 100% organic.