The Trajan’s Markets hosts the “Civis Civitas Civilitas” exhibition until the 6th of September 2020, dedicated to the relationship between city, citizenship and civilization in Roman times and represented through a series of models of ancient architecture.


The exhibition

The “Civis Civitas Civilitatis” exhibition will be at the Trajan’s Markets until the 6th of September 2020, telling the relationship between cities, citizenship and civilization in the cities of the Roman Empire.

The exhibition represents a journey through the spaces and buildings of the world of ancient Rome, thanks to the plaster models from the Museum of Roman Civilization: 58 scale models and 6 sculptures depicting as many characters from ancient Rome.

The exhibition is divided into seven macro themes: the public spaces (the holes, the curias, the chapels and the temples); the water in the decoration of the city (fountains, nymphaeum and spas); the show (theaters and amphitheaters); the triumph, honor and passage (triumphal and honorary arches, city gates); commerce (markets); individual, family and state memory (sepulchers and monuments) and infrastructures (bridges, aqueducts, cisterns, water distribution system).

The exhibition is introduced by the scale models of the Forum of Augustus, followed by those of the Forum of Pompeii with the annexed buildings, of the scene of the theater of Sabratha in Libya, of the Trier Baths in Germany and of Porta di Sant’Andrea in Autun, in France.

Along the path there are ancient texts related to the individual topics addressed, pronounced by the authors themselves or by their recipients and represented by the statues or portraits from the Museum of Roman Civilization.


When: from the 21st of December 2019 to the 6th of September 2020

Where: Trajan’s Market – via Quattro Novembre, Rome

Price: full € 14,00; reduced € 11,00


Visit the exhibition dedicated to ancient Rome and stay at the 47 Boutique Hotel!

For any information about the exhibition visit the official website or ask our staff by writing to [email protected] or by going directly to the reception!

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