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When in Rome do as Romans do


Italians and their coffees—a fatal attraction—a love affair!

4 (four) is the average coffee consumption each 24 hours per person.

There are 130 thousand Coffee Bars on our peninsula which prepare an average of 170 cups of coffee and 60 cappuccinos a day!

Giuseppe Verdi, composer, 1813-1901Coffee is the cream of the heart and spirit”.

Moka or espresso?  Sweetened or black?  Long or short?  Add milk or alcohol?  Chocolate or nuts?  Spices or lemon rinds?

Glasses change, names change, but it all gets back to—water and toasted coffee grinds!  That’s it!  Nothing more than that!

Italian Bars are more then just a place to get a coffee.  They’re a place where the day begins, a break from whatever, a meeting spot, or a place to get a quick bite to eat.


Take a look at Hotel 47’s Favorites:


Cristalli di Zucchero (Sugar Crystals), Via di San Teodoro 88

We know, the award-winning Bar is just around the corner from the Hotel. This delightful venue always draws us back for a quick (standing only here), assortment of exquisite, miniature desserts, lunch and gift items.  Yes, there’s coffee, too!


Bar Ciampini, Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina (near Via del Corso)

Located in the center of Rome, between Louis Vuitton and the Parliament, this Roman Bar has a large outside sitting area that is opened all-year round.  It is not only a great place to get your energy back while shopping, but an even better people-watching point!


Caffè Giolitti, Via degli Uffici del Vicaro 40

They’ve been making gelato since 1890 and you can enjoy the same authentic tastes and flavors of that time period.  Their fresh and natural products have made their ice-cream known throughout the world!


Panella, Via Merulana 54

Although the glass display cases make it seem to be a living museum as there are edible ‘works of art’ throughout, it’s definitely a successful working Bar.  There is a vast assortment of pastries from countries that have influenced Italy throughout time, as well as breads, pizzas,

vegetables and meats that can be enjoyed in a simple, yet lovely outside seating area.



“Starbucks?  Never heard of the place…”

                                                                                         Il caffè è pronto!